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NutriSmart products are patented, environmentally friendly soil inoculants developed by CK Life Sciences that fix nitrogen from the atmosphere, unlock P, K and Si from the soil and help make micronutrients plant available. NutriSmart products can be used to replace 10-30% of chemical fertilizers, helping reduce nitrogen and phosphate leaching into the water supply.

NutriSmart B

NutriSmart B

For organic and conventional growers and turf managers

Chemical-free, OMRI listed, organic soil inoculant and humate granules that read more >>

NutriSmart SB

NutriSmart SB

For conventional growers and turf managers

Chemical-free soil inoculant and humate granules  that deliver NPK for up to 18 weeks. read more >>

NutriSmart WSP

NutriSmart WSP

For conventional agriculture, turf and ornamentals

Coming soon! Water soluble, chemical-free soil inoculant powder that delivers read more >>

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